Top 5 reasons NOT to be a frugal cook

Being a frugal cook doesn’t mean you have to eat bad tasting or unhealthy food.  Part of the reason I started writing this blog is to show how easy it can be to be a frugal cook while feeding your family delicious AND healthy food.  Alas, some people still don’t see a reason to be frugal in the kitchen.  I can only speculate why…

    1. Collecting canned goods is fun.  Once the pantry fills up, build a display in the living room or your bed room.
    2. It’s fun have a refrigerator full of rotting food.  Guess which block of cheese will go moldy first.  Place bets on whether the carrots or parsnips will turn green first.  Can we say vegetable chia pet?
    3. You prefer the taste of Wonder bread over a home baked loaf.  If it’s really true, you should blame your parents for that tragedy and skip their birthdays for a year or stop calling them for a month.
    4. You think being in good heath is highly overrated.  Who says you have to be “regular” to be happy?  Treat prescription pills like baseball cards.  Trade with your friends!  The more you have, the more popular you’ll be!
    5. You ‘re running out of places to store all that money you pick from the tree out back.   Might as well blow it on food!  Teach your kids that money is something you should be completely irresponsible with.

      Obviously, this is just a fun list of really silly reasons not to be frugal.  When you think about it, it really is pretty silly not to be frugal.  If you have any other fun reasons not to be frugal, post a comment!

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