Old recipes back in style

Pot of soup

I just read a great article in the South Bend Tribune (online) about how the comfort food of our parents and grandparents is coming back in style.  It’s no surprise considering that dishes like tuna casserole and meatloaf were developed to weather bad economic times.  Sound familiar?

The article offered up some great general tips for making frugal food choices.  I’ve summarized them here.  A link to the full article is below:

  1. Choose less expensive cuts of meat like whole chicken and whole pork loin
  2. Add grains and legumes to stretch out a meal
  3. Go vegetarian a few times a week
  4. Stick with simpler recipes and avoid buying spices that you won’t use again
  5. Cut down on food waste by freezing and cooking leftovers into new recipes

The full article has a lot more detail along with some frugal recipes at the end.

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