What happened to Caffeine Free Coke? Discontinued?

[ Updated 7/16/2020 ]

You’re here because you’re trying to find Caffeine Free Coke and haven’t been able to. Stores have sold out, and online retailers like Amazon and Walmart say “out of stock”. Like most people you’re wonder what’s going on.

Caffeine Free Coke is not discontinued. The COVID-19 crisis has caused disruptions in manufacturing and supply of raw materials, which is likely affecting Coca-Cola’s ability to produce Caffeine Free Coke.

So, take a deep breath and relax. Caffeine Free Coke will be back.

Where can I find Caffeine Free Coke?

Right now, nowhere. I’m sorry to have to tell you that most online retailers are out of stock. Fortunately, since it’s not been discontinued, it should be back soon.

Read on for additional information about the issue.

Inside information

I have a family member who works for Coca-Cola. She didn’t initially know the answer but started researching the issue. She thought that Coca-Cola may have stopped producing Caffeine Free Coke temporarily as a result of COVID-19 impacts on the supply of raw materials.

She later got back to me and said the issue was actually a shortage of cans that caused Coca-Cola to limit the amount of flavors they are currently producing. So, it’s definitely a raw materials issue- alumninum!

Coca-Cola’s Official Statement

Many people have asked about Caffeine Free Coke on Facebook. Coca-Cola responds to all the questions with the same post:

Caffeine free Coca-Cola has not been discontinued. Like many companies, we are seeing greater demand for products consumed at home, and we are taking measures to adapt to the demand. We are working closely with our customers and our suppliers to mitigate the challenge during this unprecedented time. We appreciate your loyalty to our beverages and please know that we are working hard to keep the products you love on store shelves.

Coca-Cola Facebook Page

Coca-Cola has made many official statements regarding their response to COVID-19. Here are a few quotes specifically related to availability of their products:

Local grocery stores, retailers and restaurants are working hard to ensure families can get the food, beverages and supplies they need during this challenging time. We are doing everything we can to support these businesses and everyone they serve.


To ensure our products’ availability, we maintain business continuity plans to address any supply chain challenges that could arise.


Coca-Cola produced a lot of content on their COVID-19 efforts worldwide:

Contact Coca-Cola

If you would like to contact Coca-Cola yourself to get more information, you can email their consumer relations department using this email address: consumer.relations@coca-cola.com

I emailed consumer relations at Coca-Cola for a status of Caffeine Free Coke and will post their response here when I have it.

What about Diet Coke and Coke Zero?

Coca-Cola has announced that there could be long term impacts to supplies of Diet Coke and Coke Zero caused by a shortage of the artificial sweeteners used in those products. So far those products remain on store shelves and available online. Hopefully, those won’t be impacted the same way as Caffeine Free Coke.

Coca-Cola said… that its supply chain could be disrupted in the long term as coronavirus continues to spread. The beverage manufacturer also said it depends on suppliers in China for certain sweeteners added to its diet and zero sugar drinks.

USA Today

Caffeine Free Pepsi as an alternative?

If you thought you might get yourself through these tough times with a Caffeine Free Pepsi, think again. It seems that quite a few people had the same thought and Caffeine Free Pepsi has started to disappear from store shelves as well as from online retailers. I don’t know if Pepsi is having the same supply chain or manufacturing issues as Coca-Cola, but it’s clear that Caffeine Free Pepsi is also in short supply.