The new frugal Jamie Oliver

There’s been enough news lately on various celebrities jumping on the frugal bandwagon that I should probably create a new category.  The term “bandwagon” often has a negative connotation, much like the term “fair-weather fan” for sports.  I actually think it’s great that so many people are finding frugality as something that helps you live a better life and feel good about doing it.  The more celebs that spread the word the better as they seem to be role models for so many, for better or for worse.

NPR ran an article this weekend (11/8/2008) about how celebrity chef and UK national hero, Jamie Oliver, is now advocating healthy and frugal cooking. Jamie is also commonly known as the Naked Chef from his popular cooking series on the Food Network.  I’ve seen the show several times and like his simple style that was already fairly frugal.  In case you were wondering, I’ve not seen a single episode where he was actually naked.

The heart of Jamie’s frugality seems to be getting more people into the kitchen and cooking for themselves instead of eating out.  This is definitely a start in the right direction considering how much money most people spend on eating out and how badly overweight so many people are.  Now if only we could get some mandatory nutritional education in schools.  Hmmm…

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