Happy Halloween! Let’s do something with all that candy!

Jack-o-lantern with lights

Now that Halloween is over, what are you going to do with all that candy?  You could just put it in the pantry until you feel like a treat, but that would be boring.  There are lots of ways to use that candy that are better than just shoveling it in.  Here are some of my favorite ideas.

Recycle it!

If it’s still Halloween, take the candy your kids bring home and hand it out to trick-or-treaters. Just don’t let your kids catch you. 😉 This is a good reason to take your kids our trick-or-treating early (and finish early)!

Take it to work

Let your coworkers finish it off for you. Put a bowl out in the kitchen and it should be empty by the time you leave the office. Just think of all the calories and cavities you just saved! It’s a good idea to sneak it into the kitchen so you aren’t labeled as the one making everyone else fat.

Make a Halloween pinata

You can make a pinata out of paper mache and then stuff it with all this leftover candy. Pinatas are also great stress relief. Make one for your kids and another for you to beat the heck out of when no one’s around.

Maybe even better… turn the pinata into a craft project with your kids. Fill it with all the leftover candy and then insist it should be for NEXT Halloween. Tragically, it disappears at some point later in the year.

Bake Halloween candy cupcakes

M&M’s and Red Hots are great baked into cookies.  Bite-sized candy bars can be baked into cupcakes.  There must be a recipe that calls for Candy Corn?!?!

Who would have thought there would be so many recipes for making homemade candy corn. I’m having a hard time believing it would be worth the effort.

Decorate with it

Use Candy Corn to decorate cakes, cookies, cupcakes or a gingerbread house.  Candy Corn makes good scary teeth (in more ways than one).  Between #4 and #5 you could make one heck of a dessert!

Melt it down

Chocolate candies can be melted down and used in making brownies, cakes or new candy.  I’m not sure what happens if you try to melt down a Butterfinger or Peanut Butter Cup, but now I’m dying to find out.

Make Halloween candy ice cream

Mix candy into store-bought ice cream, just like Cold Stone or Marble Slab.  Better yet, mix it into homemade ice cream.  Give it a cool name like Black Cat Crunch (chocolate ice cream with chopped Butterfinger and Heath Bar.)

I hope you find a good use for all that candy (that doesn’t involve you eating all of it.) 

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