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I’ll get right to the point. My wife hates fish but she ate these salmon patties that I came up with. I was shocked. I need this recipe immortalized here so I can make it again. They’re low carb too and really cheap to make!

I often get a random taste for something that I just can’t shake. This was the case earlier this week when I decided that I HAVE To have spinach-artichoke dip. Of course, I didn’t even have any artichokes and the frugal streak in me wouldn’t let me go to the store and buy the ingredients. If I was going to satisfy this craving, I was going to have to do it with what was in the house.

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This is a delicious Romanian eggplant salad that is amazingly simple and even more delicious. You won’t believe the flavor you get from just three ingredients. The key is in the specific but simple preparation.

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Mexican moms have been cutting up leftover tortillas to make chips and chilaquiles for millions of years.

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You might think this just looks like bean dip. It is similar, but the lime really adds a citrusy kick that you don’t get from ordinary bean dip.

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Now most middle easterners would probably disagree with me, but you can make hummus in many different ways with all kinds of ingredients.