Pork chops with vegetable pan sauce

As usual this recipe is based on the ingredients I happened to have on hand. The exact proportions of ingredients aren’t that important. The most important aspects are good quality ingredients and proper cooking technique. This explains why a good chef can turn nearly any combination of ingredients into something absolutely delicious.

Agave syrup

It sometimes seems like everything that tastes good has sugar in it. If you’re concerned about how much sugar your family is eating but don’t like the idea of using artificial sugar substitutes, you will definitely be interested in agave.

Bargains at the Chinese market

Last night I was waiting to get into a restaurant in the Little Saigon area of Westminster/Garden Grove and wandered into a Vietnamese supermarket. They had the best looking ribeye steaks I think I’ve ever seen for $2.99/lb. I was blown away.

Color me tasty

You can apply these techniques to anything that benefits from caramelization. Now that you know those secrets, I’m going to leave you with two tips and one recipe.