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Sodastream Grapefruit

Homemade Fresca

Here is a way you can make your own Fresca using Sodastream's diet grapefruit mix.


  • Sodastream (optional)


  • 12 oz Carbonated water Canned, botted or using Sodastream
  • 15-20 ml Sodastream pink grapefruit syrup Adjust to your taste


  • Add syrup to carbonated water.
  • Enjoy!


This is not really a recipe, but a simple way to enjoy Sodastream's pink grapefruit sugar-free syrup even if you don't have their carbonating kit. Simply add 15-20ml of the syrup to 12oz of carbonated water. You can get the syrup on Amazon for about $5, which makes enough for 25 - 12 oz servings.