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Cooking Encyclopedia

Part of learning to cook is understanding the terminology, and understanding the different Ingredients, and what can be substituted for what. This is an ever growing Resource, for the beginning and more advanced Cook. Submissions to this resource May be made to chefmom@frugalcooking.com

Cooking Glossary
Here is the place to find information about those cooking terms, do you know what braising is?Or what a Bain-Marie is? here is a Dictionary of some of the most common cooking terms and what they mean, Check back as this list will be updated. If you do not find a term you are looking for, please contact us and we will add it.

Baking Glossary
Here are some of the terms you are likely to run acrossed while baking, this list will tell you what brown sugar is made of, and run thru some of the different types of ingredients and their uses.

Guide to Cooking oils
Do all the different oils and fats available confuse you, do you know which ones to use when and which ones are better than another, this guide will give you a bit of information on each, to allow you the opportunity to make an informed choice, when choosing which oil is right for you.

Guide to Substitutions
Here is a list of common substitutions, to help you in your quest for frugal cooking. Are you missing an ingredient? Rather that running to the store how about substituting a different Ingredient. Please check back as this list will be frequently updated too. Have a substitution to add to the list? Email it to us, we would be happy to add it!!

Conversions(coming soon)
Here Courtesy of Scooby from our message boards are some great printable cards, with conversions both in US and from metric to US. Do you have a great recipe from the UK that you would love to use but you do not have the conversions, Just right click on these cards and save as, to print them out for your Refrigerator.

Guide to Spices
If you have ever wondered what some spices are and what they are used for, here is an extensive list of spices and their uses.

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