Chileheads jump on the frugal bandwagon

It seems that with the economy down and continuing to slide further, many people are jumping on the frugal bandwagon. I’ve seen many articles lately about people saddled with credit card debt who turn to frugality to eliminate their debt and stay debt free. Even folks without a ton of debt are turning to frugality to live a better life for less. It seems chileheads are no different.

Happy Halloween! Let’s do something with all that candy!

Now that Halloween is (almost) over, what are you going to do with all that candy? You could just put it in the pantry until you feel like a treat, but that would be boring. There are lots of ways to use that candy that’s better than just shoveling it in.

Top 5 frugal reasons you should (not) eat at McDonalds

I just read that McDonalds had a big third quarter (2008) that’s being attributed to the economic downturn. Apparently, consumers are jumping on the frugal food bandwagon and think they’re being frugal by eating at McDonalds. Well, they very well may be. It really depends why they choose to go to McDonalds. True frugalites, frugalists and frugalistas know that frugality is much more wholistic than just saving a few bucks on a single meal.

Turkish Coffee in the Microwave

You can make a frappamochasomething at home and save lots of money but that’s not what I’m going to talk about. There are plenty of copy cat recipes around. This post is about making Turkish coffee, possibly the most frugal coffee around.

Top 5 reasons NOT to be a frugal cook

Being a frugal cook doesn’t mean you have to eat bad tasting or unhealthy food. Part of the reason I started writing this blog is to show how easy it can be to be a frugal cook while feeding your family delicious AND healthy food. Alas, some people still don’t see a reason to be frugal in the kitchen. I can only speculate why…

Bargains at the Chinese market

Last night I was waiting to get into a restaurant in the Little Saigon area of Westminster/Garden Grove and wandered into a Vietnamese supermarket. They had the best looking ribeye steaks I think I’ve ever seen for $2.99/lb. I was blown away.