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There are many reasons to subscribe to Frugal Cooking.  First, it’s free and you’ll get valuable information to help you save money, while feeding your familiy healthy and tasty meals that they will love.  Second, you’ll learn about new cooking techniques and ingredients and get ideas for how to create your own “perfect” recipes.

There are regular posts in the following areas:

  • Frugal recipes, featuring new ways to turn ordinary, inexpensive ingredients into something really special.  Most recipes feature ideas for variations so you can customize to your families tastes and needs
  • Featured ingredients, covering a new ingredient every week that you can use to add variety to your cooking
  • Cultural themes, outlining ways to bring some international flair to your family’s menu using ingredients you already know your family likes
  • Healthy substitues, offering suggestions for substituting healthier ingredients into your recipes
  • Frugal cooking tips, giving you even more ways to find local food bargains, build the perfect recipe or just make your regular meals more interesting

There are two ways to subscribe to Frugal Cooking to stay on top of our money-saving recipes, tips and tricks.  Use the one that works best for you.

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  • Join the Frugal Cooking social network.  Spend time at a social network that isn’t full of kids!  Make friends and exchange ideas and recipes.

Remember that all four methods above are 100% freeNow that’s frugal!!! We hope you decide to subscribe in one of the ways above and take advantage of all the good things to come.