Hedgehogs are tasty and frugal

Before you call PETA, let me explain… I’m not advocating the hunting of hedgehogs or even collecting roadkill to eat. The hedgehogs I’m referring to are fudge-like bars filled with dried fruit, nuts and cookie bits. I’ve never heard of hedgehogs until recently but these sound a lot like bars I’ve seen in candy shops called “bark”. From the web sites that talk about hedgehogs, I’ve gathered that it’s some kind of British and/or Australian comfort dessert. Do we even have real hedgehogs in the US?

Happy Halloween! Let’s do something with all that candy!

Now that Halloween is (almost) over, what are you going to do with all that candy? You could just put it in the pantry until you feel like a treat, but that would be boring. There are lots of ways to use that candy that’s better than just shoveling it in.