Meat Recipes

Bean and left over stew

I can’t say enough good things about beans. Beans are cheap, healthy, tasty and I love beans. While the most frugal beans start dried and are usually soaked overnight before boiling for a couple of hours. If you’re trying to put together a meal for pennies a serving, dried beans are a good place to start. Sometimes inspiration hits me and I can’t wait 24 hours for dried beans to be edible. That’s when I turn to canned beans for the following stew recipe.

close up of moussaka from leftover spaghetti sauce

Leftover Spaghetti Sauce Moussaka

If you thought this post was about what to do with a bunch of leftover moussaka from your last Greek cooking extravaganza, you’re going to be disappointed. If you make moussaka right, there won’t be any leftovers anyway. 😉 If you haven’t made or had moussaka before, you’re in for a real treat.

Argentinian breakfast tacos

I need to start this post by apologizing in advance to any and all Argentinians who happen by this post AND anyone else who might happen to attempt this recipe. This recipe is definitely not from Argentina and is, arguably, edible at best. There is one magical part of the recipe that hails from Argentina…

Faux pho

One of the things I really love about having a frugal living mentality is that when I get in the mood for something I don’t just run out and buy it, or even run to the store to buy the ingredients. Today was one of those days.

Pork adobada

Adobada means marinated in Spanish so could probably refer to a wide variety of meat treatments. When I think of adobada I think of sliced pork marinated in a thick paste of red chile, garlic, oregano and vinegar and then grilled. Apparently, so do a lot of people…