Low carb

Non-denominational asian peanut sauce

I’ve experimented with various asian peanut sauce recipes. There is some kind of peanut sauce variation in Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malaysian and other culinary cultures. Most recipes I’ve tried had some less common ingredient I didn’t have or just didn’t taste good. I finally hit on something that tastes great to me and is made with ingredients I almost always have.

Turkish Coffee in the Microwave

You can make a frappamochasomething at home and save lots of money but that’s not what I’m going to talk about. There are plenty of copy cat recipes around. This post is about making Turkish coffee, possibly the most frugal coffee around.

A bit of Montreal in Los Angeles

I like making my own seasoning blends. Not only is it more frugal, but it also allows me to control the amount of salt myself so I can use as much or as little of the seasoning as I like without worrying about the end result being too salty. Here is my version of Montreal steak seasoning.

Pork adobada

Adobada means marinated in Spanish so could probably refer to a wide variety of meat treatments. When I think of adobada I think of sliced pork marinated in a thick paste of red chile, garlic, oregano and vinegar and then grilled. Apparently, so do a lot of people…