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In this post, I proclaim that I am the creator of the phrase “formula cooking”. I’ve googled around and can find no other references to this that aren’t about something completely different. After this phrase catches on and gets it’s own Wikipedia page, you can say that you read it here first! Even if I actually am the first to use the phrase, I’m far from the creator of formula cooking and to some extent every professional and home cook does this every day. I wanted to explain my thoughts around formula cooking because it’s a fun way to cook and super frugal, of course.

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I just read a great article in the South Bend Tribune (online) about how the comfort food of our parents and grandparents is coming back in style. It’s no surprise considering that dishes like tuna casserole and meatloaf were developed to weather bad economic times. Sound familiar?

I love fresh herbs. Sometimes what would otherwise be a mediocre meal can become really fantastic with just a bit of fresh dill or parsley. A bunch of fresh herbs can be pretty frugal too. You’d be hard pressed to spend more than $1 for a pretty big bunch of something. The only problem is how to use it all up.

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When you’ve cut down on your family’s sugar consumption you’ll be rewarded by knowing you’re helping them be their best and live long, healthy lives.

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This post picks up where I left off from part 1 and part 2 to show how I turn those ideas into something you can actually spread butter on and EAT! In true form, I’m going to create a new recipe that I’ve never made before. Using the right techniques, I’m pretty sure the end result will be great.

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A few tablespoons of beans added into the sauce rewarded me with exactly what I was looking for- a rich, creamy sauce without adding fat or starch.