Bargains at the Chinese market

Last night I was waiting to get into a restaurant in the Little Saigon area of Westminster/Garden Grove and wandered into a Vietnamese supermarket. They had the best looking ribeye steaks I think I’ve ever seen for $2.99/lb. I was blown away.

Color me tasty

You can apply these techniques to anything that benefits from caramelization. Now that you know those secrets, I’m going to leave you with two tips and one recipe.

The perfect loaf of bread (part 2)

The methods in these articles break away from the traditional bread making techniques that seem to fill nearly every cookbook published. It wasn’t obvious to me first, but these recipes have two main things in common that really make them special. These two common items are the keys to good bread baking.

Brown rice

White rice starts as brown rice but then has all the “good stuff” stripped off. I’m just going to give you the basic reasons brown rice is better and then give you some suggestions for what to do with it so your family won’t freak out when you switch them over.