About the recipes

What can I say about FrugalCooking.com?   Besides the obvious, it’s about how I cook.  I actually started this blog to store my recipes.  Since I make recipes up as I go along and never write them down, I rarely can recreate anything perfectly (much to my wife’s dismay.)

I’m just a self-taught home cook who loves all kinds of food.  There are two types of home cooks- those that follow recipes and those that don’t.  I’m the latter.  I read many, MANY recipes but almost never follow them.  Recipes inspire me, give me ingredient combinations and preparation ideas and get me headed in a direction.  I then take the reigns and create something completely unique that’s perfectly suited to my taste.  If you compare cooking to playing piano, following a recipe is like playing someone else’s music.  I’d much rather read their music, listen to them play, and then use the inspiration to write and play my own composition.

While I try to include enough information for you to recreate my recipes, I’m not really expecting you to do that.  I try to describe my inspiration, tell you why I thought certain combinations work and, hopefully, inspire you to borow from my ideas and make something uniquely your own.  You know what your family likes to eat- turn my recipe into the perfect meal for your family!!!

You will notice there are a few things all my recipes have in common.  These are based on some of my personal views, namely:

  • Some foods are really bad for you and make you fat, like refined sugar and white flour.  I avoid these whenever I can.
  • Cucumber tastes like watermelon rind.  If you don’t eat watermelon rind, why would you eat cucumbers.  Yuck!  Ditto for pickles.
  • Boiled food tastes like boiled food.  I don’t boil anything except, maybe, eggs.
  • I buy things that are a good deal or on sale.  Often my main inspiration is $0.99/lb for a pork shoulder.
  • Low glycemic foods are good for you so I try to pull from the bottom of that list.

I hope you find insipiration with my creations!