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Before you call PETA, let me explain…  I’m not advocating the hunting of hedgehogs or even collecting roadkill to eat.  The hedgehogs I’m referring to are fudge-like bars filled with dried fruit, nuts and cookie bits.  I’ve never heard of hedgehogs until recently but these sound a lot like bars I’ve seen in candy shops called “bark”.  From the web sites that talk about hedgehogs, I’ve gathered that it’s some kind of British and/or Australian comfort dessert.  Do we even have real hedgehogs in the US?

I’ve not tried to make the following recipe but the ideas were too good to keep to myself.  I don’t keep a lot of dessert materials on hand so it’s unlikely I’d get around to making this for several months.  I hope someone can try this and report back.  Since I’ve not made it yet, I don’t have any exact measurements or even specific ingredients to recommend.  Maybe someone can make it and post back their recipe…

American Hedgehogs

  • Chocolate chips (any kind leftover from something)
  • Sweetened condensed milk (or evaporated milk and sugar)
  • Nuts (any kind, chopped)
  • Cookies (any kind, fresh or stale, crushed into chunks)
  • Candies (any kind, chopped into small bits)
  • Dried fruit (any kind, chopped)
  • Anything else that might taste good in this like marshmallows, pretzels, candied orange peel, etc…

Mix equal parts chocolate and sweetened condensed milk to make a simple fudge.  You could also add some vanilla extract, butter and/or marshmallows.  If you’re really unsure, just follow a fudge recipe.  Then add in any or all of the remaining ingredients to make a lumpy sticky mess.  Pour into a baking pan lined with parchment or foil and refrigerate until firm.  Cut into bars.

If anyone gives this a go or has a good hedgehog recipe, feel free to post a comment.  Wow, just typing up this post is making me want to run to the store…

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I love hedgehog slice! It’s a common treat in corner shops here in australia, and often at bake sales.
I like it best without the dried fruit, though.

kazari wrote on March 4, 2009 - 7:35 pm
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